PE & Sports Funding

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PE and School Sport Funding 2016-2017

At Carlyle Infant and Nursery School we aim to:

  • Develop Agility, Balance and Coordination in all our children.
  • Support and encourage the Physical Literate Child.
  • Develop the skills and confidence of the adults in our school who teach our children.
  • Increase the range of sporting and active learning opportunities that the school offers.
  • Raise aspirations for all pupils so they may develop further their active and healthy lifestyles.
  • Develop communication and thinking skills through participation in competitive tactical activities.
  • Signpost families to After School Sports Club and the Clubs available in our Local Community.
  • Continue to work in partnership with the Derby City School Sports Partnership.

The following plan has been formed from responding to needs and aspirations of staff, requests from children and their parents, observations of PE lessons and activities, and requests for potential partnerships between this and other schools. The allocation for the school is £8100 plus carry forward from July 2016 of £3394 – total of £11,494.

PE and Sports Funding 2016-2017 Evaluation

Objective/Action When/Who Resources/Cost Success Criteria Impact

To Secure Excel


Package to DCSSP

September 2016

PE Leads


Provision of training to meet whole school needs, including Teachers, Teaching Assistants & Midday Supervisors.


To support staff in embedding physical literacy throughout the school.


Cycle Derby

Sept 2016-July 2017

PE coordinators

Teachers & HLTA’s



To increase understanding and facilitate the Physical Literate child at Carlyle through intervention activities/PE warm ups.


To develop children’s balance and coordination skills to support them in riding a bike.

Developmental training of PE Coordinator and other staff.

Sept 2016 – July 2017




To develop further the PE Coordinators leadership and management skills.

To assess and monitor teaching and learning of our new curriculum in PE.

To improve the confidence to deliver high quality PE lessons in FS1/FS2/KS1.

To further develop the evaluation of PE skills through ICT

Sept 2016- July 2017

Teachers &HLTAs



To improve evaluation of PE skills through visual support.

Staff to receive training in using the I-pads.

To provide opportunities for children to participate in competitive sport.

Sept 2016– July 2017

PE Leads


£400 For children to take part in competitions where they represent Carlyle Infant and Nursery School.
To secure after school club opportunities through

Sept 2016– July 2017

PE Leads

(Premier Sport /DCFC)

N/A To provide opportunities for children to participate in after school clubs – extending physical activity beyond school hours.
To secure training and sporting  packages

Sept 2016– July 2017

PE Leads

(Premier Sport)



Assessment in PE.

For children to take part in various sporting activities and events throughout the year.

Provide resources as required to support learning in PE. Sept 2016– July 2017 £2000 For mini-leaders to be re-introduced, planned activities during morning break and dinner time e.g. aerobics.
Themed Sports Day

July 2017

(Premier Sports)

£800 Children will take part in a themed Sports Day involving mixed ability teams competing in different sporting events.
Arts-Mark September 2016-July 2017 £1000 As a school we will continue to work towards achieving the Arts-Mark award.

Total estimated spend – £10350

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