Hello Little Owlets, we have another “eggciting” week planned!

We will be scooping the bunny tails,painting Easter eggs with the potato mashers, making eggs, chicks and bunnies with the playdough, exploring  in the Gruffalo crumble,  filling and pouring with the  eggs in the sand, designing our own Easter eggs and hopping our way around the obstacle course!

See you all tomorrow from 9.30 onwards!

Little Owlets – 3rd April 2019

Hello Little Owlets,

Hope you are  looking forward to our ”eggciting” session tomorrow!!

We have lots of Easter themed activities on offer, come and have fun in the egg scoop, make an egg collage, explore in the shake and rice Easter eggs, make prints in the playdough, draw with the cars, post the craft sticks, vist the moon, work your way through the obstacle course and lots lots more!!

Come and join in the fun from 9.30 onwards, see you there!

Betty’s Farm Animal Visit – Thursday 28th March

We were pleased to welcome to Nursery and Reception the farm animals from Betty’s Farm. Thank you to them for bringing in Betty the Chicken, guinea pigs and rabbits. The children loved sharing in this experience! Find out more about the farm here bettysfarmshop.co.uk/#Gallery

Little Owlets 27th March 2019

Hello little owlets, it’s nearly Thursday again! Looking forward to all the fun we have planned this week!

We will be making a secret gift  fior Mummy, filling & scooping  with the buttons, having fun in the shaving foam & Easter eggs, painting blossom on the trees with corks, filling and pouring  in the milk factory, playing with the knights and princesses down at the castle, navigating your way around the obstacle course and lots lots more!

Come and join in the fun from 9.30 onwards!

We really need your help!!!

PLEASE PLEDGE MONEY and SHARE WITH EVERYONE THAT YOU HAVE DONE SO, ASKING THEM TO DO SO TOO! Thank you from the children at Carlyle Infant and Nursery School who are excited to fundraise for a new library space and books! We currently have just £280 (thank you to those who have helped). If we do not raise at least 25%, Derby City Council will not match fund us…

Pledge and share here https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/brand-new-outdoor-reading-area-and-library-space.

Please share this on your personal Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and beyond.

Our pupils need your help!

Please help us to raise money for a new library space and books by printing copies of this poster and displaying wherever possible – We really need and appreciate your help and support with this.

Early Birds/Night Owls Booking form

Bookings are now being taken for next half term. Please remember that spaces are not guaranteed until we receive FULL payment. Thank you.

thumbnail of Early Birds & Night Owls Booking Form – Summer half term one