New Website

Hello all,

We hope you are having a great Summer.

We are very pleased to confirm that Carlyle joined the Harmony Academy Trust on the 1st of August and we are really looking forward to us all working together.

Due to this exciting development we have changed our website address to:

Please use this website from now on.

We are looking forward to seeing you all on Tuesday 10th September.

Many thanks

Year 2 Leavers – Have a great summer!

Year 2 Parents

Please can all Year 2 children come in party clothes on Thursday ready for leavers’ celebrations.

Also, please send your child with a large carrier bag in readiness to take home all their school work – this will need to be in school on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Many thanks,
Miss Crookes

Competition Winner

The winner of our competition for the Sealife Birmingham ticket for four people is MILA!

Well done Mila!

‘Hoop Guy’ Hula Hoop Information

Today our children have had a visit from the Hoop Guy as featured on Britain’s Got Talent! Hoops will be on sale after school today, please see price list for more information.

Price List

Most people can learn to Hula Hoop in just a few minutes, providing that they use the correct technique, and have the right size of hoop to ensure success.

Please Note:  It is important to obtain the correct size Hula Hoop for you, and this depends on your waist size. (hoop size has nothing to do with your height) and believe it or not, larger hoops are easier to use then smaller hoops.

Likewise, rigid hoops respond much better than flexible hoops, although you should definitely avoid heavy hoops weighing more than 2 pounds which can cause excessive bruising.  Adult hoops should be around 700g or 1.5 pounds (2 pounds max), children’s hoops should be around 350g approx. 3/4 of a pound (12 ounces)

Shop bought Hula Hoops are usually not just very light, but also too small, even for children, and not robust enough to last very long.  “Hoop Guy’s” hoops will last for years. Also, many shops selling what they claim to be “adult” hoops, are in fact not much bigger than the hoops I recommend for children, and basically means that anyone larger than a dress size 10, or a 30 inch waist, is liable to struggle.  Suitably sized, good quality hoops will be on sale on the day at the end of Hoop Guy’s visit.

Please watch this video which talks more about hoop size and explains the correct technique to keep the hoop going.


Adult Hoops:  £20 each (normally £28)

Lady dress size 10, 12, 14 (Man waist size 30 to 35 inch)  require a 41 inch diameter Hoop

Lady dress size 16 to 18    (Man waist size 36 to 39 inch)  require a 44 inch diameter Hoop

Lady dress size 22 to 24    (Man waist size 40 to 45 inch)  require a 47 inch diameter Hoop


Child’s Hoop: £12 each (normally £20)

All ages from 6 to 12 (ages 13 and above can go for an adult hoop, or 41 inch child’s hoop.)

Normal weight child 39 inch diameter Hoop

Slightly larger child 41 inch diameter hoop


Budget hoop: £8 each (should be £12) For children or adults up to size 14 (waist 35 inch)

If you really cannot afford the better quality hoops listed above, but still want to have some fun with hoops then one of these 40 inch budget hoops will still work reasonably well for children, or adults up to dress size 12, maybe even dress size 14 (waist up to 34 inches)  if your technique is good.   Of course, they will not work as well, are not as robust, and are harder to use, but at least you will not miss out totally on the fun.