Driving and parking around school grounds April 2018

Dear Parents and Carers,

Unfortunately, it has been brought to my attention that careful consideration to pupils and parents walking in the school vicinity is causing concern for families.

I have had reports of drivers mounting the pavement and then proceeding to drive along it, parking on the yellow zig zag lines and drivers also ignoring the zebra crossing on the main road in The Hollow.

We need to keep our school site safe for all. We continue to find drivers entering onto the school driveway or car park, where not permitted. As we have reminded families throughout the year, any driver doing so from this point without prior arrangement will have their details shared with our legal team.

We remind you that you can do these things to help:

  • Drive cautiously and considerately
  • Use the car park at King George’s playing fields
  • Be considerate of our neighbours
  • Park away from zig-zag lines
  • Park away from school and park gate entrances
  • Do not enter onto the school site with your vehicle, unless approved to do so – including Early Birds, Night Owls and other after school clubs
  • Walk to school
  • Drive extra carefully on roads
  • Ensure children are seat belted into correct legal seat requirements.

This week, Mr Jordan, our Site Manager will be speaking with the local Neighbourhood team and Police to raise these concerns. As we are not able to enforce issues on highways for unsafe parking and driving, we do report this to the local Police and Highways in Derby City Council. They are working carefully to monitor this, which is supportive. Please do inform them directly with any further concerns, including registration plate details and names. You can do this by calling 101 for a Police incident, or Derby City Highways through the City website details.

Mrs Besenzi, Headteacher