Sunshine Safety Policy

We are expecting some lovely sunny days in school. We are sending this policy as a reminder for you to read. We ask that you provide your child with a named water bottle and named sunhat each day. Children are allowed to wear sunglasses also to provide protection to eyes, but these should be named also and looked after by the child. We also ask that you cover them well in sun cream before school,  but also send in a named bottle of sun cream to be used only by your child. This will be kept in their tray. Please teach them how to apply this. If they need any help, we will of course do our best in the safest way. We will be providing shelter and encouraging children to stay safe. Please bear in mind that although it is ‘Summer’, our British weather often brings rain, so please continue to send children with wellies and raincoats daily where appropriate. We will make the most of all weather situations! Thank you.

thumbnail of Sun safety policy