Rock Steady Music Sessions

 This week you will have received information about the sessions being offered by Rock Steady. As part of our enrichment we want to offer as many opportunities as possible to our children. The company approached our school and we decided to take the opportunity to offer this. We know that this does not suit all our children and their families. We will feed this back to the company directly and assess numbers who would like to participate in this during the coming weeks. Our suggestion to the company moving forward will be that this is offered as a lunchtime club or after school club.

Thank you for your valued feedback. If you ever need to feed anything back please do speak with your class teacher first and then one of the Assistant Headteachers (Mrs Roebuck for Nursery and Reception or Mrs McNeil for Years 1 and 2) and finally Mrs Besenzi as Headteacher should you feel the need. Our door is always open and appreciate the great partnership we have to be Flying High together.

The Senior Leadership Team